Andrey Samolinov
Watercolor Artist
Andrey Samolinov is a watercolor artist born in Russia. The main theme of his work is the urban landscape; this undoubtedly closely related to his architectural education and experience.
However, unlike clear architectural structures, his painting strives to convey the air and light that fill the space around us all. He knows how to convey a unique image of the urban scene without piling up endless details, working at the level of sensations, moods and emotions.
Andrey is a member of IWS Russia, Union of Artists of Northern Israel. Participates in international exhibitions and competitions, and has held a series of personal exhibitions. He gives master classes with great pleasure; none of his exhibitions is complete without demo sessions.
He travels a lot, drawing hiking sketches in a sketchbook and on a tablet, and then viewers recognize a familiar intersection or corner in his masterful city landscapes.
His works are in private collections, in museum collections, and in the interiors of connoisseurs of the lightness and freshness of watercolors.
This site is an attempt to collect in one place his paintings , with which he surprises and delights viewers.

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